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Team Bonding

Increasingly, managers are becoming aware of the importance of “team-bonding” within a team-building initiative. Team building may focus on getting the team to work more effectively together, through activities designed to focus on specific elements of teamwork, but team “bonding” happens when the team is given the opportunity work and achieve a common goal together. Bonding is about getting to know each other outside the office, about a feeling of belonging and team spirit. It focusses on relationships not performance. Team “bonding” can happen at any team “building” event and it doesn’t need any in-depth debriefing. Given the right climate and opportunity, it will happen. And that’s what we do at A Day in the Country .

Any of our challenges offer the opportunity for bonding, try some the following as examples:

Raft building

This water based competitive team challenge involves constructing a raft from barrels, planks and rope with a little technical training, followed by a speed and manoeuvrability race. The real test to any raft is time, how long will it last? A common goal, involvement from everyone and a sense of urgency in this challenge offer a strong bonding experience that people will talk about for long after the raft has been built!

Chocolate Workshop

Definitely better than sliced bread, this is a fun, creative and indulgent workshop taught by a trained chocolatier. Anyone can participate regardless of physical ability, sex or age, and it appeals to a wide range of teams because of its collaborative nature – and you get to eat your creations! The benefits in team cohesion and productivity will last long after the last chocolate has vanished!

Crystal Challenge

Based on the popular TV series, The Crystal Maze, teams compete across a wide range of physical, mental or spatial team building challenges, all in a bid to earn as many crystals as possible to take forward to the Crystal Cube Finale.  How many challenges can your team get through before its your turn in the Crystal Cube!

The whole day was excellent as always. I have already had nearly 10 emails from members of staff thanking us for the day and saying how good it was.