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Team Building: Communication

We all know that effective communication is integral to success within an organisation. But how do you bring it to life in a fun, engaging way that leaves your group confident in their communication skills as a team? A Day in the Country provides a range of creative, flexible team building challenges that highlight how the group communicates and how it can communicate more effectively.

Explore how different people prefer to process information, experience the difference between verbal and non-verbal communication and develop your team’s listening skills.

Working in small teams, individuals are given a smaller audience with whom they concentrate on understanding how different styles of communication can be used effectively. This also gives them confidence to build trust, a key element to open communication. We can tailor an event to focus on developing team skills such as building trust and communication. Activities could include, for example:

Blindfold driving

Navigating an obstacle course in a Land Rover course may seem like challenge enough, but in this activity the blindfolded driver must rely on their teammate to navigate around the course – via verbal communication alone. This is a great way to show that “going it alone” is not always the best!

Marble Run

Marble Run is a construction project which focuses on reaching common goals through shared meaning and communication. A group is split into two and asked to build identical marble runs where information can only be shared verbally and communication between the groups is via messenger only. A tough challenge and a lot of laughs!

The Contract

Yours is one of two firms that have been short-listed for a secret construction project for the European Space Agency. The multi-billion pound contract will go to the company that can demonstrate the most effective communication skills, accuracy and hands-on building ability – you need this contract!

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