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Tips for getting the best out of Team Building

What do you want your team building event to achieve?

Clients often ask us to provide “ a bit of team building”, often without articulating what it is they wish to get out of a team building day. So we thought it would be helpful to put together some prompts for clients so that they are clear about their needs and expectations before booking a team building day:

Do you just want a fun day out to reward the team?

Is it a new team that needs to get to know each other and build trust and rapport?

Do you want people working better together? Which areas aren’t working so well?

Do you need to iron out communication difficulties that have crept in?

Do you want to set new team goals and agreements?

Do you need to set clear parameters and boundaries so everyone knows what’s expected of them?

Do you want to inject some fresh enthusiasm and energy into a group that’s been working too hard and may have lost sight of the goal posts?

A team event can encompass any and all of those questions – just tell us what it is you would like to achieve. Once you know what you want your event to achieve, then you can decide what activities best suit your needs.  If you are interested in finding out how a teambuilding or activity day could re-energise and empower your team, email us at or call us on 01869 810823.