Giant Inflatables | A Day in the Country

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Giant Inflatables

OVERVIEW Duration: Half or Full Day Numbers: Suitable for large groups >200+

For a big company Fun Day or Family Day, try your hand at a selection of giant, adult sized inflatable games including: Inflatable Pole Joust, Surf Simulator, Adult Sumo, Human Table Football, or Giant Bungee Run. The options are endless!

Inflatable Pole Joust: Prepare for battle as two contestants sit astride a padded pole and use their attempt  to knock each other off onto the inflatable area below. Great for kids and adults alike!

Surf Simulator: Test your surfing skills without even getting wet!  Learn how to balance as the board twists and turns over “waves” as large or as small as is appropriate for the rider.

Human Table Football: Welcome to the life-sized version of Table Top football!  Players are attached to padded bars (which can only move sideways) by their arms, leaving their feet free to score that winning goal!

Giant Bungee Run: Pit yourself against each other on a 30ft long inflatable track – how far and fast can you run before the bungee pulls you back to the start?  Definitely a lot of fun! Suitable for family fun days, both adults and children alike.