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Team Building: Icebreakers

Do you need to re-energise your conference with a short, punchy, fun activity? A long day of presentations can be broken into more manageable, focussed sections by using icebreakers. Icebreakers can be used for whole host of different reasons: they help introduce groups who do not necessarily know each other in a non-threatening and fun way; they help break up existing cliques and allow more random groupings to form; people are more engaged in the proceedings, and contribute more effectively, when they participate physically, emotionally and mentally; and they break down barriers and inhibitions with humour!

Depending on your group size and timescale, icebreakers can either be conducted seated theatre-style, table-top or in break-out rooms or even outside! Contact us for tailored advice. Some of our most popular activities include:


Always popular – drumming is fun, inclusive, and noisy! Anyone can ignite their inner musical spirit, be it Senior Director or new recruit, and interactive entertainment such as drumming brings delegates or team members together in a way that not many can match!

Morris Dancing:

Never had a go before and worried that you have two left feet? Not a problem – our experienced Morris instructors will guide you through the basics as well as answering important questions such as: How do Morris dancers jump so high? Can you give someone a hanky burn? Before you know it you will be hopping, sidestepping and capering with the best of them!

Go-Kart Challenge:

Earn “parts” of your racing Kart as you navigate your way around a series of team building challenges in individual teams. Then come together in your racing pits to build your Kart and race it in a series of relays! Always a crowd pleaser with everyone at the end of the day on a real high!

Something done or said to relax a formal atmosphere or situation.

A beginning; a start