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It’s a Knockout

OVERVIEW Duration: Half or Full Day Numbers: Suitable for large groups 50-200+

It’s a Knockout is a fun packed event with teams competing in a number of inflatable games to become the overall champions of the day.  Here are just three of the wild inflatable challenges to put you through your paces:

Crazy Caterpillars:  Three teams will compete at a time by walking the course in our brightly coloured caterpillar tracks.  Each team must jump out of the tracks and clamber across our inflatable  course, but watch out for the cones as penalty points can come thick and fast  for touching any of the obstacles !

Chicken Run: Three teams at a time line up at the starting line, with two players from each team wearing our giant chicken suits ! When the whistle goes the players must run down the course, clambering over our giant inflatable run through and then run back to the start and change suits with the next team member. The game lasts for around 3 minutes as the team members go round and round until each member of the team has completed the course

The Shotput Challenge: With three teams running at a time the first player must climb through the tunnels, jump into the foam filled pool and find their teams coloured football. Once they’ve found the ball they must attempt to throw the ball through the target. The game is a relay race and once all members of the team have run the course the stop watch stops and the points are awarded accordingly

It’s wet, it’s wild and it’s physical! Our It’s a Knockout package is second to none and comes complete with all games, props, professional staff, outdoor sound system, generators and prizes.