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Team Building: Just for Fun

When all is said and done, a team building day is really about your team having fun together. And we have a collection of challenges here that are just that – slightly mad and definitely a lot of FUN!

Extraordinary things happen when people are laughing and having fun. It breaks down barriers, gets people loosened up, lightened up and out of their routine. Teams learn faster when they’re having fun and it is a highly effective way of making people feel valued and rewarded.

So if you want a team building event that provides the platform for your team to have fun together, laugh a lot and is nothing too heavy, contact us or take a look at these example activities:

Boxing Blind

Ten boxes with hidden items inside are scattered around an arena. Your task is to retrieve the items – however, each item must be retrieved in a certain order by a different member of the group while blindfolded! Watch the fun develop – hilarious! Particularly good for a large group.

Snowshoe Dash

You are representing your company at a conference in Alaska and have been invited to participate in a great local tradition – the annual Alaskan Snowshoe Race! The race requires your team to tackle a simple obstacle course sharing one giant set of show-shoes. Whilst completing the obstacle course you must also pick up all of the items that the Alaskans have dropped. Watch out – this is physical and competitive – made all the more difficult when you are laughing!


Your team goal is to transport as many balls  as possible from the start to the finishing container in the time given – each of you only has a piece of pipeline to use. The team with the most number of balls transported wins! However, there are some strict rules: Balls must keep moving, can’t roll backwards and mustn’t be dropped.   Added to which, you must not move when you have a ball in your pipeline! Gets difficult but generates huge amounts of laughter and fun.