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Morris Dancing Masterclass

OVERVIEW Duration: from 1 hr Numbers: From 6 upwards

Get the spring back into your step with our Morris Dancing or traditional dance workshops.  This unique activity  provides teams with their very own Morris dancing masterclass, complete with an instructor, live musician,  and a selection of traditional handkerchiefs, bells and sticks to get everyone involved in the action.

Never had a go before and worried that you have two left feet? Not a problem – our experienced Morris instructors will guide you through the basics as well as answering important questions such as: how do Morris dancers jump so high? Can you give someone a hanky burn?  Before you know it you will be hopping, sidestepping and capering with the best of them!

Morris dancing is a traditional or “roots” dance form which belongs especially to the Cotswolds. Nobody is quite sure when and where it started but there is no evidence at all to link it with pagan customs or fertility rituals!

Teams (or “sides”) usually consist of six dancers led by a “squire”, a musician, and sometimes contains a “fool”.

What it involves:
This activity is suitable for any group size – large or small – indoor or outdoor.

Teams will be divided in groups of 6 and introduced to a series of steps by our squire and musician (the number of experienced Morris dancers leading each group will depend on the entire group size).
Teams will then practice linking a series of steps together to form one of the well known local dances.
As an optional finale, each group is given the task of choreographing their own dance sequence using the steps they have learnt
Teams then perform their masterpiece in front of our expert judge and will be awarded points on technique, creativity and authenticity.

By learning Morris dancing you will be keeping alive one of our few remaining English traditions. Try it – you’ll surprise yourself how much fun it is!