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Team Building: Motivation

It is commonly accepted that well motivated teams are productive and efficient teams. But motivation is changeable – it can wax and wane over time and is influenced by a host of factors, both individual and organisational. The most common factors influencing team motivation include sharing a common goal, a challenge, a clear sense of camaraderie, strong leadership and the opportunity for responsibility and growth.
What better way, then, of boosting and maintaining your team’s motivation than through a well-structured team building day with challenges designed to incorporate and build on all these key factors?
Give your team a motivational challenge that they will relish, give them a common goal to aim for and make it fun! Why not try one of the following team challenges and see the results that heightened motivation brings:


This is a creative and inspirational team journey which is perfect if you wish to promote a “one company, one team” ethos and highlight your organisational vision, strategy or values. A great team building challenge for raising spirits and boosting morale.

Go-Kart Challenge

Earn “parts” of your racing Kart as you navigate your way around a series of team building challenges in individual teams. Then come together in your racing pits to build your Kart and race it in a series of relays! Always a crowd pleaser with everyone at the end of the day on a real high!
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