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Office Christmas Event ideas – how to avoid Xmas party dread

Christmas at A Day in the Country

A Christmas party requires everyone to be jolly together – for several hours at a time. So it’s not uncommon for workmates to dread going to this event. But you can overcome this dilemma by creating Christmas office event that people WANT to attend.

Create an EVENT out of your Christmas party

Most people will expect the sit-down office party – and so will automatically assume yours will be just as boring. That’s why you need to make your party an EVENT. Your teammates deserve cool Christmas office party ideas, having worked so hard the rest of the year.

Here’s how:

1.      Center your office Christmas event around an activity…

Like? Rage buggies, hovercrafts,  segways – something energetic to keep warm outside

Or we can organise an indoor activity – like chocolate making or circus workshop. The options are endless!

2.      Theme your office Christmas event…

…thus giving everyone the chance to dress up and show off their costumes.

To encourage everyone to take dress up, add prizes or some kind of incentive. That way, you take the pressure off people.

3.      Add silly activities to the mix

Add playfulness to your Christmas office event as much as you can. We’re talking games and leaving disposable cameras lying around. A Day in the Country can provide all sorts of very silly and very funny team building games – ask us for some ideas. And cameras give everyone the chance to capture it all happening!

4.      End it all with a three course, served Christmas meal – turkey and all the trimmings!

To enquire about Christmas event packages, please email or call the office on 01869 810823.

Or take a look at our sample Christmas activity day packages here and here