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The team’s task is to create a “marble run” using the equipment provided and their aim is to get the marble to run for 20 seconds. Excellent for problem solving, team co-operation, highlights planning skills, strategizing and project management.

Yours is one of two firms that have been short-listed for a secret construction project for the European Space Agency. The multi-billion pound contract will go to the company that can demonstrate the most effective communication skills, accuracy and hands-on building ability. Your jobs hang in the balance. You need this contract!

Learning Objectives

This exercise highlights the importance of effective and clear communication. An architect has to describe a structure to a messenger (who cannot see the structure), the messenger has to relay the information on to the builders who have to replicate the structure. It is a useful exercise as it highlights how effectively individuals are at managing information and communication in their own jobs. It can also highlight personality types when used in conjunction with the Myers Briggs indicator as people process information differently and when working within a team this must be taken into account so that communication is processed effectively. Therefore this exercise concentrates on team members being considerate and aware that their fellow colleagues may not process information in the same way that they do. It highlights the importance of checking that communication within the work place has been understood.

Your group is trapped in a tunnel that contains a deadly, giant spider. You have managed to find a tunnel that leads out, but the way is blocked by the spider’s web. You must get through the web without touching any of the strands, which would alert the spider to your presence.

Learning Objectives

A team task, where team members have to get safely through the web. Focuses on planning and co-operation, team members need to work out the safest route. Once one member is through they help the remaining team members through the web. Support, consideration and trust are highlighted within this exercise.

Team Building Exercise Toxic Waste

toxic waste corporate team building exercise


A can of highly toxic material has contaminated a circle approximately 8 feet in diameter. The toxic area extends to the ceiling.  The material is estimated to have a safe life of exactly 30 minutes before it explodes. Nearby there is a safe container which can neutralise the toxic waste.  Your team goal is to safely transfer the material from one container to the other – using limited equipment.

Team Objectives

Focuses on problem solving, planning, communication, creative thinking and leadership.