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Indoor Challenges
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Team Building

Team building events at A Day in the Country are designed to focus on encouraging team work, trust, communication, innovation, decision-making, leadership and delegation. All our events have a strong element of fun and offer the perfect platform for a team to spend time together outside the office.  We can provide indoor and outdoor exercises giving full flexibility regardless of the time of year and our experienced facilitators can work with teams on specific issues to meet company objectives if required.

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On the right is a selection of the most popular team building activities that we can offer at A Day in the Country. Most are a lot of fun, and are used as a reward for teams or to bring teams together. However, many can also be actively facilitated to focus on particular skills or competencies that you may wish to address. Please let us know what issues you would like to focus on and we can tailor a day to suit.

Our Team Building Activities are designed to give you an experience you will never forget