"…the best away day we have ever done" | A Day in the Country

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“…the best away day we have ever done”

I’ve asked for feedback from the team and can honestly say that the entire team LOVED the day, very complimentary regarding the venue, quality of food (very fresh, great variety) and the activities. The beautiful weather certainly helped. I’ve had comments about this being the best away day we have ever done.  Jessie the dog was a delight and has many fans with Communisis. We have really appreciated the small touches – eg providing sun cream and cooled drinks at every activity. The staff were great at feeding back on activities, how we worked together etc. The pace of the day was just right, we never felt rushed or hassled to move on, it was all very relaxed and flowed well. Being able to eat outside was great and accommodating our added activity of designing team flags was appreciated. Again, there was no hassle from anyone to hurry up and keep to a schedule even though we added this piece in. Similarly our presentations in the morning over-ran but the staff were respectful of this, allowed us to carry on and happily waited for us to start.

Communisis, June 2015