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Top Tips on … Clay Shooting

Clay Pigeon Shooting is a popular and classic gaming sport in the UK, which contrary to its name, does not actually involve any live birds.

When learning how to shoot, the most important things to keep in mind are body position and stance, how you hold the gun and aiming.

In order to shoot accurately, the shooter must have the correct posture for both his or her body and the gun.

Feet are shoulder-width apart. If you are right-handed your left foot is forward (facing the range) and right foot back.

Your gun should be held correctly with the butt positioned firmly against your shoulder which will avoid a recoil where the gun pulls back due to the power of the shot.

Your shooting hand will be close to the trigger and your other arm supports the gun near the barrel.

Familiarise yourself with the sights of the gun.  Check whether you are right or left-eye dominant (your instructor will help you)

Before shooting, you should have a good line in your sights. Your cheek should be resting against the barrel, enabling you to look down the barrel of the gun.

Bend your front knee a little and keep your “pushing” leg straight but relaxed. Some like to lean a little forward putting most weight on your front foot.

Once ready to shoot, lock your shoulders and arms and aim by rotating from the waist.

You will want to aim a tad bit ahead of the ¨pigeon¨ and as you rotate, your shot should catch up with the disk and “follow through”.

Relax and enjoy!

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