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Top Tips on …Hovercraft driving!

Hovercraft driving


Whatever your choice, Hovercrafts are (to quote Jeremy Clarkson) “THE most fun you can have with an engine!”. Our single seat hovercraft are safe and easy to drive, but still provide an unusual test of co-ordination skills, which makes it almost as much fun to watch as it is to do.

Slide, drift and glide sideways over mud, sand, grass, earth and anything else that gets in your way, weave in between posts as you navigate the course. Trust us, it’s not as easy as you think – imagine driving on ice, with less steerage and a safe cushion of air beneath you !

Some people get the idea straight away, some take longer – here are some Top Tips to help you enjoy your experience!

This is all about CONTROL (being smooth) not SPEED (being fast)

Turning the handle bars moves the rudders but this only counts for 30% of the steering!

The main steering comes from your BODY WEIGHT and POSITION in the craft (70% of steering effect)

In the kneeling position, throw your weight LEFT or RIGHT according to where you wish to go

There are no brakes so use less throttle to control speed (friction with the ground slows the craft down)

Keep a steady throttle position to maintain momentum rather than revving and slowing – which causes the craft to lose momentum