Dragons Den | A Day in the Country

Leave the office behind

Dragons Den

OVERVIEW Duration: from 1.5 hour to 3 hours Numbers: Up to 50 in teams of 6

Are you brave enough to enter the Dragon’s Den?  Leadership, communication and negotiation skills will all be put under fire in this fun, dynamic team building event built along the lines of the popular TV show.

Your task is to acquire as much investment as possible. The Dragons have a maximum allowance to invest per team… can you convince them that your unique idea will one day be worth millions and warrants their maximum investment? There are different ways to achieve success; all require worthy ideas, but maybe you’re full of them; so why not pitch them all?

You can either pitch several times throughout the event in a bid to extract “little & often”, or you can put all of your energy into one idea and pitch for maximum investment at the end of the session. The choice is yours. It will be the team with the greatest amount of investment that will be victorious at the end.

Ensure you know your product/service inside and out as the Dragons know their stuff and will have searching questions; they will expect you to know the answers!

Team Outcomes:

  • Leadership
  • Communication
  • Negotiation
  • Wide range of team skills utilised
  • Excellent team bonding opportunities